The 2022 Legacy for Learning Scholarship Dinner was a tribute to the many talented students who are transforming their lives through academic studies at Molloy. The evening was also a celebration of the generous individuals whose contributions make it possible for the students to earn their various degrees.

The annual dinner took place on March 15, in the College’s Anselma room. Over 170 guests attended, and the evening was a huge success. Donors and students were able to meet face-to-face after a year’s hiatus due to COVID-19 restrictions. Molloy College President, Dr. James Lentini, was appreciative and always grateful for the participation and continued support of donors.

“During the pandemic, philanthropic giving to Molloy for scholarships went way up!” said Vice President for Advancement Edward Thompson. “Since 2020, we have added 29 new scholarships, with total giving to scholarships over $2,000,000.”

This year a scholarship donor shared their story with all in attendance.  With a wonderful and compelling account, Maureen Evers Willox, Managing Partner at KPMG, recapped her experience of working closely with a Molloy alum at KPMG. She also discussed a year-long giving program and matching gift campaign she spearheaded. The combined efforts resulted in excess of $25,000 to provide continued support for the Theresa Ahlstrom/ KPMG Scholarship. This year’s donation now makes KPMG’s total commitment to date just under $100,000.

The evening’s program would not have been complete without the personal comments of students, Hannah Walz and Andrea Martino.  Each spoke of the reassurance and security that receiving a scholarship brought them and of their appreciation of being part of the Molloy student body.

Additionally, Molloy College Trustee S. Zaki Houssain pledged a $500,000 gift to support future scholarships to make certain that college degrees remain accessible for all.

Quotes from some of the student scholarship recipients:

Briana Stephenson

“I received the Martin D. Snyder Leadership Scholarship. With that scholarship, I was able to become the student body president of Molloy Student Government and promote leadership throughout Molloy College.”

Jacquelyn DeVany

“Recipient of the Milton & Dorothy Rubenstein Family Support Scholarship, this scholarship has helped me focus on my studies. My major is childhood education and I look forward to being a future educator.”

Nicole Hughes

“I am a criminal justice major at Molloy and the Louis and Pauline Cestari Scholarship has allowed me to focus my studies, as well as participate in various clubs and events on campus.”

Z’Dhane Willaims

“Biology major at Molloy College, this scholarship has allowed me to allocate more time to my science research and my academic studies and not have to work.”

Susannah Karp

“I am a Senior interdisciplinary studies student and the recipient of the Bogner Leadership through Service scholarship. The scholarship has allowed me to participate in multiple activities on campus, including the Molloy E-Sports team!”

Lucijan Jovic

“I am the recipient of the Anselma Scholar Award, Molloy’s highest student honor, and also the recipient of the Vicky & John Giouroukakis Scholarship. This scholarship has provided me the opportunity to pursue my master’s degree and motivated me to get my doctorate in educational leadership here at Molloy.”

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