The Friends of Mercy honored Molloy College President James Lentini, D.M.A., and Vice President for Advancement Edward Thompson, J.D., at the Friends of Mercy 40th Annual Golf Classic. The event was held on Sept. 30, at the Rockaway Hunting Club. Attendees had the opportunity to play a round of golf and enjoy dinner with a presentation by guest speaker Adam Schefter from ESPN.

Lentini and Thompson were selected as honorees because of their unwavering support of Mercy Hospital and the frontline workers during the pandemic.  They were instrumental in assisting visiting nurses and Mercy staff by offering them a place to stay near the hospital during the peak of the crisis. Molloy offered to house as many as forty healthcare workers in the campus dorms because the workers were either from out of town or unable to return home.

According to a statement from the Friends of Mercy “This was a model interaction between two great neighbors [Molloy and Mercy] who are assets to the community. We are excited about the future as these two neighbors grow closer and stronger together.”

The proceeds from the golf classic will go to support a partnership between Mercy Hospital and the Pain Institute of Long Island. Mercy has made a commitment to expand its pain management services with the development of a 5,000-square-foot, state-of-the-art center on its campus. The center will be located on the lower level of the Miracle Building and will boast highly advanced equipment, multiple treatment options to give patients safe and effective pain management (without the need of opioids) and an interdisciplinary team of physicians and medical professionals to assist with the management of acute and chronic pain.


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